Thinking of organising a fundraiser?

Thank you for thinking of planning a fundraiser to support The Little Miracles Trust.

We are incredibly grateful to those special people and organisations who raise funds to assist The Little Miracles Trust. Without your help, we couldn’t support families going through a neonatal journey.

Here is some useful information to assist you in planning your fundraiser:


There are a lot of different ways to collect funds. If you’re thinking of using a website to assist, a popular and secure site that offers the ability to update your followers. Please note, that from 1 September 2016 a 5% fee is payable on donations.

The Little Miracles Trust is officially listed as a Charity on Givealittle. To find us, just click here, or search “neonatal” and you will find us listed as “The Little Miracles Trust”.

We want to say thanks publicly and also help you out

We will help with:

  • Our logo for use in your awareness efforts. The logo will be provided in a couple of formats. Also, it would be great if our website address is included in material so people can find out more about The Little Miracles Trust;
  • Direction on where to find information that sums up who we are and what we do (see below for some links);
  • Putting up a news story about your awareness and fundraising efforts on our website;
  • Letting people know about your efforts on our social media channels to drive traffic to the news item (Facebook, etc);

Also, we can try to help out in other ways. For example, larger activity undertaken on behalf of The Little Miracles Trust may benefit from help. We may be able to mobilise some volunteers to assist your efforts.

What we need from you

  • Let us know how you are going to communicate your efforts, for example:  Twitter, blog,, Facebook (please provide details);
  • It would be great if you can provide some text for the news item on our website, along with photos or images.
    One great example of a fundraiser is the  WaimateLittle Kickers

We have this information and some more specific notes and tips available in a handy document which may be useful for you.  Please contact us to let us know about your planned fundraiser and to get a copy of the fundraising support document.