Colouring in resources

Neonatal journeys can be long, and these colouring in resources have been developed to help with:

  • the many hours spent next to incubators and cots
  • well-being, as having a project to focus on can help (as well as the sense of pride from completion)

The options, created with the help of a volunteer and neonatal mother, (Thanks Natasha!) are:

The Incubator image.
The Hearts image.
The Blanket image.
The Clothes image.
The Booties image.
The General pattern image.
The Love pattern image.
The Hearts pattern image.

Look after yourself: ‘Think REF’

Being on a neonatal journey can have it’s challenges and finding the balance to look after yourself is often forgotten.
A parent’s natural instinct is to put all of their focus into looking after their precious new baby. However, taking care of yourself is especially important so you can give your baby the best possible care and attention as a happy, rested and high functioning parent enhances the health of your baby. Numerous studies have also shown babies do better being interacted with, read to and cuddled (etc). These are all things parents are more likely to do if they are feeling good themselves.

View and/or download our ‘Think REF, Health and Wellbeing‘ support document.
More information and links to additional support documents are available here. (eg, Tips for Bonding with your baby, Your Emotions, Leaving the Unit, and more)

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