The Little Miracles Trust are proud to be supported by One Percent Collective, a fantastic not-for-profit Kiwi organisation that makes it easy for anyone to donate one percent of their income to charity. 

Founder, Pat Shepard was recently interviewed by Stuff in regards to New Zealand’s philanthropic culture which you can read here


  • People join the One Percent Collective and select The Little Miracles Trust as a recipient of their regular givingOne Percent Collective are great!
  • Their chosen amount per week, or per month, is given to One Percent Collective 
  • One Percent Collective look after all the donation receipts and admin, so we can spend more time on supporting neonatal families
  • Every quarter, One Percent Collective transfer the funds to The Little Miracles Trust. 

Donations are processed through One Percent Collective, 100% of the money goes directly to a donor’s chosen charity or charities – as The One Percent Collective cover all transaction and processing costs. They spread awareness of the benefits of regular giving and supporting charities in this way.  And, it doesn’t stop there!  All the while, they do presentations and talks to spread the word on generosity and giving, and also host cool events for their supporters to enjoy.

Believe it or not, our generous and caring One Percent Collective donors raised an incredible $6,682.46 for the April-May-June 2019 quarter!  

A HUGE thanks to all that made this possible  (1% donors, staff, sponsors, volunteers). The continual giving facilitated by the One Percent Collective, enables us to free up time and focus our efforts on the thing which matters most: supporting families going through the stress of a neonatal journey. 

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