RollercoasterThe support we provide for families is delivered in a number of different ways, all aimed at “making a difficult start to life that little bit easier”. One of the ways we assist is by creating support material, with the help of graduate parents of a NICU and/or SCBU.  We are extremely grateful to our Partners, Supporters and Donors for their help that makes this support possible!

We have created a NEW high level support guide entitled “Your Neonatal Journey”.  It is designed to be an easy read of key information and useful tips created from credible research, the insights of neonatal unit staff and the experience of people who have been on a neonatal journey.

The information is purposely high level as the aim is to provide key information and let you know what is available in more detail should you need it.  For each section, we have more information available as a standalone resource that can be easily downloaded and/or printed.  These can be accessed at 

and include:

and many more