Working with Baby Sensory, we’re pleased to announce a new support resource ‘Essentials of Baby Play

Play is fundamental to healthy brain development.  It can be quiet or noisy, energetic or passive, social or non-social, relaxed or serious, imaginative or purposeful. Play may or may not require toys or equipment.  This new resource, which you can find here, will help provide you with some ideas to help you capture your baby’s attention and have a bit of fun together.

This resource uses the research based material of Baby Sensory and follows the resource on ‘Supporting Development‘  

These research based and practical resources join the other examples of support and education material that we’ve created (with the help of graduate parents of a NICU and/or SCBU). View our support resources here: 

To learn more about the relationship between The Little Miracles Trust and Baby Sensory, head to:

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