This time last year, both Ruby Meldrum and her mum Kate were fighting for their lives, one year on, and you would look at them and never realise the rollercoaster the family had been on.  

Kate Meldrum (29) gave birth to Ruby on May 6 after 26 weeks, five days gestation, she weighed just 530 grams.

While visiting Ruby in Auckland City Hospital’s newborn intensive care unit on May 21, Kate started complaining of chest pains.  She suffered a ruptured heart valve and was rushed into emergency open-heart surgery, and was put on life support.  

Kate has made a full recovery, no physio or occupational or speech language therapists.  Ruby had heart surgery about one month ago to help with the hypertension in her lungs and in just a few weeks will be weaned off oxygen.  

“We’re all doing great. We’re a normal little family now”

“It’s been long enough now you’d look at us all and have no idea about the journey we’ve been through.”

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Wishing the Meldrum family an extra special Mothers Day this year – Happy 1st Birthday Ruby!