To say that the Wells are a little bit excited about Christmas may be just a small understatement… in fact it might be more accurate to say that they are full-blown Christmas fans!

When two people with a mutual love for Christmas get together it follows that their two separate Christmas decoration collections get together as well, and it’s only natural that their now shared collection would continue to grow and get bigger and better each year! Of course then you are faced with the problem of the inside of your home not being big enough for your growing collection any more… The Wells have solved the challenge of how to display their personal collection of collectable Santa bears and their Christmas tree forest by moving their display outside, and in so doing, have embraced the Christmas spirit by sharing their collection with all of Hamilton!

What may have been a humble garage and shed in October has slowly and carefully been transformed during November into a magical Christmas wonderland full of lights, teddy bears, trees… oh, and Santa may just have parked up his sleigh in the drive for a rest and photo opportunity too!

In 2018 Santa and Mrs. Claus have an additional Christmas miracle to celebrate. This will be baby Claus’s first Christmas at home. He may have been born last November, but he had a bumpy start to life and spent a while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Waikato Hospital. Every year in New Zealand 10% of babies are born premature, and many more are born at full-term but face health challenges. A fair number of these little ones are born in December, and rather than celebrating their first Christmas at home with their families, they will be spending it in NICU with parents, family and a dedicated team of medical professionals taking care of them.

In order to help families in the same position as themselves, this year the Wells have teamed up with The Little Miracles Trust and have included in their Christmas display a very special incubator with information on prematurity in New Zealand, and a collection box where cash donations can be made towards the work The Little Miracles Trust does to help support these very vulnerable babies, their families, and the medical staff who care for them.

So come along and visit Santa Claus and the display any night from 1 – 24 December between 8.45pm – 11.00pm, admire the lights, pose for a photo with Santa in his sleigh, and bring along some coins to make a donation and help make things a little bit easier for those experiencing a difficult start to life this Christmas.



The Little Miracles Trust is excited, and privileged, to have our incubator donation box present at this Christmas celebration.

Hamilton_Christmas At The Wells Fundraiser

Hamilton Christmas At The Wells Hamilton Christmas At The Wells Fundraiser

Hamilton_Christmas At The Wells Fundraiser