Incubator Miramar New WorldWe are delighted to have added to our ‘fleet’ of incubator donation boxes, with an out-of-service incubator recycled into an awareness and fundraising tool. This new donation box is now based in the Waikato, with the team who support the Waikato NICU now looking for places to have it in a public space. 

A number of people and organisations were involved in making this happen. Our thanks go to:

  • McLeod Hiabs for their help transporting the incubator to Wellington for conversion, and then back to Hamilton
  • PlaceMakers Frame & Truss Waikato/BOP for help with storage and the transport process
  • Graley Plastics who converted the incubator with a slot for donations, added a panel for hanging items of interest and ensured it is secure for public placement:
    • Adding a lock to the main door
    • Securing all the openings where Drs and nurses would usually put their hands through

Can you help?
Do you have an event or busy store/mall/public space where it could be hosted? If you do, or have an idea for us, please contact 
More details can be seen here.

McLeod HiabsGraley plastics





Waikato Incubator transport.jpeg


Read the story of the first incubators converted here: