Simplicity KiwisaverThe Little Miracles Trust is delighted to announce the support of Simplicity.

The Simplicity KiwiSaver scheme is a nonprofit, 100% online, socially responsible investment platform that donates 15% of management revenues to charity.  

On turning 1 year old, as part of their birthday celebrations, they have generously decided to donate $10,000 to The Little Miracles Trust!  How.  Good.  Is.  That?!

We’re not the only one’s pleased with this wonderful support from Simplicity. We’ve had a great response on this example of a Social Profit KiwiSaver supporting The Little Miracles Trust, such as the examples below from a neonatal mums: 

Simplicity FB comment







About Simplicity:
  • It is saving its 8,000 members more than $2 million annually in fees.
  • Switching to Simplicity takes two minutes online. They do everything else.
  • Simplicity is a socially responsible operation, actively working to increase executive diversity, excludes weapons from its investments, and more
  • For more information, please visit their website at and by watching this overview video: 



Thanks Simplicity!

We are incredibly grateful – it’s a privilege to have your support.
A MASSIVE thanks to all Simplicity KiwiSaver Scheme members. Be proud by choosing Simplicity KiwiSaver you’ve enabled more of this support.
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