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WoollenWonders_Justin-Lester 2016The efforts of volunteer knitters are greatly appreciated as we cannot provide our support packs and other activity without such wonderful people.  Their fabulous support helps to make a difficult start to life that little bit easier for families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey.

In 2016 we launched ‘Woollen Wonders’ to promote the benefits of wool, the benefits of knitting and to generate knitted items to support families and help raise awareness. We were blown away with the response and very pleased with the awareness it helped to raise – which included many Mayors and people of profile helping us to raise awareness. Pictured to the right is Wellington Mayor Justin Lester.

To see examples, you can check out this gallery of images from 2016. There is also information from last year below. 


Can you support Woollen Wonders 2017?

The Little Miracles Trust is again running ‘Woollen Wonders’ in 2017 and wer’re looking to knitters to support our efforts. 

Register for updates
If you are not already on our knitters database, you can register here  
Having details available is great as we can reach you directly and advise what our particular requirements are, eg At rhe moment we have a large supply of smaller booties and beanies, so are looking for blankets, knitted squares and medium and larger items. 

What items are you ideally looking for?
If you are able to help, based on the knitting supplies we currently have, we would ideally like:
 – medium & large sized booties*
 – medium & large sized beanies*
 – blankets (blankets for the cots best size is 60cm x 65cm)
 – squares (that can be sewed together by our volunteers. Approx 10 x 10cm in size)

 * Please note, we currently have a very good supply of small booties and beanies

Of course, 100% wool knitting of all shapes and sizes is gratefully accepted. As very premature babies cannot regulate their own body temperature, and acrylic and synthetic materials don’t breathe and can cause sweating and overheating.

We are looking to replicate the awareness raised with the themed knitting. If you are able to create items in your regional colours that would be fantastic!

How do your efforts help?
Support packIn line with our goal to raise awareness of neonatal journeys, we’re highlighting the role of wool in the care of fragile babies. 100% wool is a beautiful natural fibre that importantly is breathable – unlike synthetics and acrylics which can cause a baby to sweat and overheat. Babies born early cannot regulate their own body heat and the use of wool is key to ensuring their body can focus on growing and developing.

Each year The Little Miracles Trust hands out over 3,000 Support packs to neonatal parents. As well as information for new parents, each of these includes a knitted pair of woollen booties and a woollen beanie. To view examples of how The Little Miracles Trust supports families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey, head here for an image gallery.



The benefits of knitting

Healthy brainKnitting and crocheting are often associated with friends and family. The craftwork in progress may be intended for a loved one or perhaps it is being created while in the company of friends, family or a social knitting group. Knitting is a fantastic hobby for individuals and the basic stitches are very easy to pick up. 

The act of knitting is recommended to peoples of all genders and ages as it provides unexpected benefits for both physical and mental health – with the enjoyment and satisfaction factors on top of this. 

Here are 5 things to know about knitting:  
•    It can help with managing stress, anxiety, and depression
•    It keeps your brain healthy
•    It can help your motor skills
•    It is a meditative act
•    It instils pride upon completion 

Read more details on the benefits here.


Woollen Wonders 2016

Volunteer knitters have been busy creating wonderful knitted items to help The Little Miracles Trust raise awareness of the 5,000 kiwi babies who spend time in a neonatal unit EVERY YEAR in New Zealand. In the lead up to World Prematurity Day on 17 November, knitted creations from around New Zealand will be used to raise awareness. 

Many of the items have been created in regional colours with the Trust receiving knitting items in the cambridge blue of Northland through to the maroon and gold of Southland – and many in between. Examples of these can be seen in our Facebook gallery from last year. You can also view profiles of some of the wonderful 2016 Woollen Wonders contributors: 
  Read the ‘Woollen Wonders’ profile of Mary Roest 
  Read the ‘Woollen Wonders’ profile of Joy McIvor
  Read the ‘Woollen Wonders’ profile of Amy Hewgill