It’s been a few months since we heard about Olivia Agnew who was born at tiny 630gms and 24 weeks gestation in her original story on 1st November 2016. 

As Olivia approaches her due date of 7th February, she is now almost five times her birth weight at 2953gms and despite a rocky journey, including some emergency bowel surgery, she has now had her first bath, learning to breast-feed and is out of the incubator.

Whilst Olivia is now stable, her mum Amy is still taking one day at a time.

“It’s the little things, like when we are alone together and breast-feeding, it is really quite amazing, that was a pretty special moment doing that for the first time last week.”

 “Every day I notice little features coming through, little dimples on her chin, eyelashes, hair growth and the little grimaces that she has.”

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