We’re grateful to all those who provide their ideas, time, donations and support to The Little Miracles Trust.

This month we want to say a particular thanks to Easy Giving as our Partner of the Month for June!   Fundraising is a critical aspect of being able to support families going through the stress and anxiety of a neonatal journey. The Little Miracles Trust is therefore pleased to be one of the Charities being supported by the newly launched ‘Easy Giving

A key focus of our fundraising activity is having a balanced approach. Easy Giving offers a solution to the reduction of the use of cash in society. Also, their use of technology plus their marketing reach will help us be seen by more people who may be interested in giving back to the community. See below for more details, plus you can learn more and download the free App here:  www.easygiving.nz   and watch this quick overview video


Overview: Easy Giving

TheNeonatalTrust_EasyGivingEasyGiving is partnering with New Zealand charities so that generous Kiwis can give, to get back, to give again – all in one simple app.

They’ve made it easy to find your favourite charities and donate wherever you are. Also, they do the paperwork and store your receipts, so you don’t have the hassle of filing. Plus they make it easy for you to claim your donation tax credit, without posting in a form and your receipts. Which means you’ll have more to give again. It’s a win-win!

How can they do this you ask?  Well, they’re authorised by the IRD to store your donation receipts digitally. They’re also powered by one of New Zealand’s leading tax agents, WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds. As part of the WooHoo family you can expect the great level of service and experience that WooHoo is known for.


Step One:   Give
Create an account and easily give any amount with Visa or MasterCard. Your donation is sent straight to the charity.

Step Two:   Track
Look back on your giving history at any time. Don’t worry about keeping donation tax receipts – we keep them safe in our digital vault.

Step Three:   Gain
At the beginning of each new tax year, choose how you want to claim your donation tax credit. Giving you more to give again. WooHoo!