The Little Miracles Trust has a number of donation boxes out and about – and we’re very keen to increase our numbers.

Support Pack itemsAs well as fundrasing, they also provide a valuable awareness and promotional tool through having our brand in the community along with some key statistics on the incidence of neonatal journeys.

Much like the projections of a paperless office, the predictions of moving to a cashless society haven’t yet come to fruition. In fact, there are many places and events where cash is very much in use, eg vege & fruit markets, craft markets, etc. A recent trial at a flower stall at a Fruit & Vege Market saw $25+ kindly donated by members on the public in one half-day. If that is any guide, the donation box will collect over $1,200 in one year!  Setting up a network of donation boxes can help us to fund our ongoing costs such as our Support packs (see image to the right) and also help us provide more support like this.



  • Do you run a business that can host a donation box for us?
  • Do you know of someone that has a shop, stall, pop-up shop, or stall at vege.craft/food markets that may be able to help?
  • Next time you spot an opportunity, see if they’re willing to support us. With over 5,000 babies going through a neonatal unit every year there’s a good chance they’ll know someone who has been on a neonatal journey.

We’ll provide the donation box and organise it being cleared regularly –  it will be very little hassle for those who can host it for us. 

If you can help us our, please email with details. 


We provide the box and oragnise its clearing so there is limited impact to those that support us by hosting a donation box. Also, the hosts have reported a lot of postive comment on the support of The Little Miracles Trust with many mentioning they had a baby in a neonatal unit, or knew of someone. No surprises there with over 5,000 neonatal journeys in New Zealand each year!  

Donation Box_MarinaEspresso

Donation Box  Flower Stall - Wellington MarketsDonation Box