Tiny ArtWe’re delighted to announce ‘Tiny Art’ – an awareness and fundraising campaign for The Little Miracles Trust.

Inspired by a neonatal journey, we’ve developed an art based campaign which will end on World Prematurity Day on 17 November. 

We have sculptures in wood and bronze, paintings, glass work all being crafted right now. 
If you know a creative type, we’d love it if you can reach out to see if they will join those already on board. For more information, head to tinyart.co.nz and all enquiries are welcome at tinyart@littlemiraclestrust.org.nz


Hope IncubatorThe first piece from Lynne Sandri is a wonderful painting called ‘Hope incubator‘.  This is a 330 x 330mm Oil painting on stretched canvas. 
In Lynnes words, here’s the thought in behind the creation of this beautiful space:
The established tree symbolises the care, love and experience from the people (family and nurses doctors etc) that help make the seedling grow. The bell jar (glass dome) is the incubator and the clock showing the time ‘ten to two’ is the time watchmakers set their clocks to (whenever they photograph or display clocks) to resemble the smile of a face.  The setting is styled like a masters still life (as that’s what happens – life stands still and hold its breathe hoping it will all work out).

To view a larger image of Hope incubator, view others, and learn more about Tiny Art, head here.


HopeAmie McCarron has also produced two beautiful pieces using powerful photos from the NICU. These can both be viewed here

In Amie’s words as to her involvement in Tiny Art:
“I developed an appreciation for the Little Miracles Trust around 5-6 years ago after meeting a number of people whose premature and sick babies were in neonatal care. They spoke of the assistance received with tremendous gratitude and respect. At the time, one particular family’s 24 week premature baby boy had spent his first 3 months in the Neonatal unit. This was an extremely difficult time for them, especially as they also had three other young children at home to look after. Reading the father’s blog about their experience spanning from when baby Harlow was born until he was 2 years of age, gave me an insight into the extraordinary level of care and support provided by The Little Miracles Trust. I cannot imagine developing a love of your unborn child only to face the distress and fear of losing it. I myself have been unable to experience the joy of having a child. But being able to support a cause that gives other families and their babies, a better chance in life, brings me happiness.”


Thanks to many
One of the many beautiful things about the social profit space is the willingness of people to provide their time, skills and ideas to help out the community. Tiny Art is a great example of this, and it would not have been possible without the generous support of a number of people.  

A big thanks goes to the artists who have contributed pieces to Tiny Art. This absolutely couldn’t happen without your support and it is greatly appreciated (please do visit their websites Facebook page, etc for more information about them and their work). A special thanks also goes to Gina, Zeus, Amy and the One Percent Collective – for more on their efforts, please see here.